Do what you love to do.
Where Do You Naukabout?

Our Story

Born on the beaches of Cape Cod

Our story started over 30 years ago with our cofounders’ father. He would come home from work, change out of his work-a-bouts, and tell his sons to “change into their nauk-a-bouts” in order to “get outside for some fun!”

Ever since then, Naukabout has meant doing the things you love to do after doing the thing you have to do. Whatever your passion – BBQ’s in the backyard, seeing a concert, going fishing, relaxing at the beach with friends and family – that is what Naukabout is all about.

By brewing and sharing Naukabout Beer, we can help commemorate, cultivate and celebrate once-in-a-lifetime moments. We hope you enjoy! 

Where would you be if you could? Where do you Naukabout?

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Half the fun of any Naukabout moment is sharing it with your friends.

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Nauk One Back

The Brews

Look for Naukabout Beer in Rhode Island, up and down the South Shore, in the Boston area, and of course Cape Cod!

Check out our beer map to find a package store, bar, or restaurant near you. Don’t see a near-by location? Ask your favorite local spots to order the brew! 

American Pale Ale

5.0 ABV & 31 IBU

Naukabout APA is our flagship ale brewed year round. The palate is crisp and clean with a slightly dry finish. The hint of toasted caramel malt brings this brew into perfect balance. We generously hop this “session ale” four times during the brewing process to provide a bright aroma and citrus character.

White Cap IPA

6.25 ABV & 47 IBU

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce Naukabout India Pale Ale, a delicious, high-quality brew available year-round. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day at work, tinkering in the garage on the weekends or gearing up for the big game, Naukabout IPA is the perfect brew for all those once-in-a-lifetime Naukabout moments.

Lighthouse Ale

4.0 ABV

In the mood for something light, smooth and refreshing? Look no further! Naukabout Lighthouse Ale is the perfect brew for playing backyard games with your friends, kicking back and relaxing on the beach with your family, or stocking up for that long weekend in the mountains. Whatever your passion, Naukabout Lighthouse Ale is a tasty year-round choice for inspiring those once-in-a-lifetime Naukabout memories.


Find Your Naukabout

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Want to carry Naukabout Beer?
South Shore & Cape Cod
Colonial Wholesale Beverage — (508) 999-2337
Boston Metro Area
Burke Distributing Corporation — (781) 986-6300
Rhode Island
C & C Distributors Inc. — (401)822-6400

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